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Affiliate Option 1

Promote us just as you would any other Clickbank product by grabbing your Clickbank affiliate link above.

Your referrals each receive an amazing free (and extremely viral) list building site on the front end, and are then presented with our irresistable Siphon EXTREME Membership on the backend. We pay a generous 55% commission on the $40 first month's fee, as well as on the $20 monthly/recurring fee.

There is HIGH incentive for your referrals to stay with us long term, because we offer them a FREE lifetime membership on our services after their 12th month...  So you can expect a large percentage of your referrals to pay the full $260 over 12 months - which means you make up to $143 per sale!

Affiliate Option 2

Option 2 offers FAR more than just $143 per sale...

If you're a serious affiliate who realizes the POWER of building a huge list while banking big on a red hot Clickbank product, this is definitely the option for YOU...

Simply join to get your free list building site, and then be sure to upgrade to our Siphon EXTREME Membership...

In less than 2 minutes, you'll be set up and ready to start building a list -AND- making money on autopilot via your own viral Siphon list building website which looks like ours, but has your email opt-in form automatically embedded on our home page...

But that's not all. The backend is ALSO fully customized for you:  You can have people land on any offer that you want, after they subscribe to your list through your Siphon website.  And when they upgrade to Siphon EXTREME, you'll of course still get your 55% commission!

So you're literally making money in THREE ways with Option 2 (instead of just one):

- Make money from the list you're building through your Siphon website

- Make money from your landing page offer (such as your own product, or an affiliate offer)

- Make money from each of your referrals who upgrade to Siphon EXTREME (55% commissions!)

But wait!  With EACH of the above benefits, you''ll automatically get up to a 500% increase in subscribers, sales, and commissions - thanks to our revolutionary built-in "Send 5 Viral Platform"!

...The way our viral system works is explained in our videos, so be sure to watch how this AMAZING system can explode both your list, and your profits on autopilot.

After joining, you'll instantly receive your Siphon referral/website link, which you'll want to use instead of the standard Clickbank link.

Just imagine getting up to 500 more subscribers for every 100 you send. And up to 500 more *clicks* for every 100 you send. And up to 500% more sales and commissions on complete autopilot!  This is ALL enabled effortlessly, with ZERO extra work on your part, thanks to the Siphon system.

Needless to say, this opportunity is a major game changer in the Internet marketing community, and could be a LIFE changer for YOU.  So don't hesitate to take action now.

$2+ EPC Tip For Siphon EXTREME Members!

Right after joining as a Siphon EXTREME Member (Affiliate Option 2), you will see a field for entering a link/URL to whatever website or affiliate offer you want people to "land on" right after they subscribe to your list through your Siphon website.  Here's what the field looks like:

...Leave this field BLANK for *high* EPC's and conversions!

...I'm strongly encouraging ALL members to leave the Landing Page URL field BLANK, (at least for a while)...  Doing so, will mean that your subscribers will INSTANTLY see our Siphon EXTREME Membership offer after subscribing to your list through your Siphon list building website.  Normally they'd see your custom URL, and then see our upgrade option once they login to their member area, but this isn't NEARLY as effective as sending them DIRECTLY to our irresistible Siphon EXTREME Upgrade option.  So again, leave the field BLANK - and expect to see MUCH higher EPC's and conversions as a affiliate!

After you've decided which affiliate option is right for you, take full and immediate advantage of our affiliate training and resources below, including some absolute killer email swipes and banner ads ready and waiting to make you unlimited, easy sales!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The following training is also featured inside the Siphon Member's Area, and therefore "assumes" that you've at least signed up to get your own FREE Siphon list building site.  But obviously, you can use the same traffic strategies and resources even if you're not a Siphon member on any level (ie, Free or Extreme). So to avoid any confusion, simply keep this in mind as you read over this section to get started NOW...

I recommend making it your goal to do ONE thing every day from this section, to send a fresh surge of visitors to your Siphon website, through your Siphon referral (website) link...

Your main intial strategy should be building your list up to several hundred members using low cost (or even free) traffic methods, so that you can soon begin doing 'ad swaps' with other list owners. An ad swap is where you partner with another person who's got a similar size list of subscribers - you send their ad (usually for a free offer) to your list, and they send your ad to their list. Hence the 'swap'. There are entire communities which I've listed below, that are dedicated to doing nothing but ad swaps. The potential for free traffic with ad swaps is virtually endless.  (Note that I'm NOT implying ad swaps should become your only traffic source.  I'm simply saying that they can become one of your main focuses as they are proven effective by thousands of online marketers including myself.)

Here's where it gets good...

Once you've got a small initial list of several hundred subscribers, and are ready to do ad swaps, what you can do is simply grab one of the email 'swipes' below, and give that to your ad swap partner to send to their list... They'll in turn provide you with their ad copy, which you send to your list. This is already a dead easy way to get free traffic to your Siphon website to begin with, but here's the really cool part... As people from your partner's list join Siphon, you'll also get the first FIVE people they each refer, as YOUR subscribers!

...That's one MASSIVE benefit of our exclusive 'Send 5 Viral Platform', which is built in to your Siphon website.

...And of course, whoever joins Siphon through your referral link will WANT to get their first 5 'base referrals' (which are added to YOUR list and not theirs) as quickly as they can, so that they start getting the same viral list building benefit from the people they refer.

I hope the POWER of this is sinking in for you!  Many people do ad swaps and similar advertising for the SOLE purpose of building up their lists - because they know that the bigger the list, generally the more profitable it is as long as you respect your subscribers.  And normally, when doing an ad swap or running a paid ad to somebody else's list (ie, solo ads) to build your own, "x" number of people will subscribe, and that's where things END.  But with your Siphon website, those initial subscribers are only the beginning!  As THEY each begin referring people to their Siphon websites, their first 5 referrals are added to YOUR list (and not theirs) as I mentioned...

So let's say for example that you do an ad swap or run a solo ad (or do some other advertising) that produces 100 new subscribers to your list through your Siphon website.  Normally that's it!  But because of our revolutionary Send 5 Viral Platform, you'll get up to 500 more subscribers on complete autopilot, off the 'work' of those 100 new subscribers!

THAT is the Secret Siphon Strategy, and probably something you didn't even consider before you joined Siphon. It's simply an AMAZING way to leverage your online marketing efforts and build your own opt in 'money list' at lightning speed - faster than ever before.  It sure makes building a list one by one seem painstakingly slow and old fashioned. :)

By the way, our Send 5 viral system can also MASSIVELY benefit you if you're a member of Siphon EXTREME - our platinum membership.  It works much the same way as with the list building, but with your paid offers (including those who upgrade to Siphon EXTREME after joining the free membership through your Siphon link).  For this reason, I would strongly encourage you to watch the Siphon EXTREME video (which is available upon logging in), if you haven't already, so that you can see exactly how to get paid and build a large monthly income *while* you're building your list with your Siphon website...

There's literally ZERO extra effort required, so for just $20 a month (while this special price lasts), it's am absolute no brainer.  If you're serious about Siphon (which you should be!), you'll lose a LOT of autopilot commissions and sales by not upgrading.  It's entirely up to you of course, and your list building efforts are totally independent from Siphon EXTREME (meaning Siphon EXTREME is NOT required at all to build your list).  But I'm not the least bit afraid to recommend Siphon EXTREME to you, because I know how greatly it will benefit you in terms of effortless and unlimited income WHILE your list is growing exponentially.

With that said, it's time to begin referring others using our professional ready made ad copy and resources below.  Remember, try to do ONE thing from this list each day to get fresh visitors to your Siphon website...
Your very 1st easy step is to get your first 5 'base referrals', to automatically unlock your Siphon website - turning it into your private, viral, list building machine.  After getting your 5 base referrals, every single person you refer to your Siphon website from that point forward is added to YOUR list alone (meaning they aren't subscribed to any other Siphon member's list), and the viral Send 5 benefit kicks in where each of your subscribers' 5 base referrals are ALSO added to your list (and not their own)...

The only exception where you don't get the first 5 subscribers of a person you've referred, is when your referral decides to join Siphon EXTREME right after becoming a free member, which *instantly* unlocks their site - meaning they don't have to get 5 base referrals in order to unlock their Siphon website. But here once again, if you're a Siphon EXTREME member, you'll make a $20 immediate commission, and ongoing $10 monthly commissions any time one of your referrals upgrades.  And that's in addition to the income you'll make with your OWN special offer displayed right after each of your subscribers - and their first 5 subscribers - sign up through your Siphon website. (...So, another AWESOME reason to upgrade. And yet totally your call. No pressure either way - I promise :)

Are you ready to get started? Let's rock!...

Solo Ad Resources

In following the core Siphon Strategy, as mentioned you'll first want to build an initial list as quickly as possible, so that you can begin doing ad swaps.  A great, low cost way to begin doing that is by running 'solo ads'  to other peoples' lists, often called 'ezines' (short for online magazines)...

For a small fee, these list owners will send out an email containing ONLY your email promo (or 'swipe') and nothing else.  Meaning your message is the focus of everybody who opens up the email.  Here's a few tips when it comes to running solo ads:

ALWAYS ask for specials and good deals; buy one get one free, a 50% discount, that sort of thing. You could also ask for a guaranteed number of clicks on your link, so that your ad is run *again* if you don't get many clicks the first time around.  In general, don't pay more than 30 cents per click overall.  So for example, if an ezine solo ad costs $30 and gets you 100 clicks, that's a decent deal if the subscribers are responsive - that's .30 cents per click.  But often you can find even better deals that work out to much less than .30 per click... Keep a record of which solo ads (ie which ezines) produce results for you, and ditch those that don't.  Make sure that no ads for have recently been sent to the particular list you're going to advertise with - at least in the past couple months. Always ask for testimonials from past users, whether you have to ask the list owner to provide names, or post to an Internet marketing forum such as to ask if anybody's had results with the list you're interested in.

Above all, do NOT spend a lot of money at first, until you've got some experience under your belt.  Don't spend more than $20 to $40 on a solo ad, assuming you have the budget for it...

Reed Floren's Solo Ezine Directory

Find Many Solo Ad Offers In The JV Section Of

Google Results For 'Solo Ads'

Anthony Tilley Solo Mailings (Recommend By Warriors)

Formidable Marketer Solo Ads (Paid Service, But the *BEST* Online!)

Email Swipe # 1

Use the following swipes for solo ezine advertising and when doing ad swaps, OR for posting to your blog or website, etc...

This first solo is one that brought some of my highest clickthroughs of all time (it was for a different offer, since Siphon is brand new).  It's SURE to get results for you.  Just remember to change the date, along with inserting your Siphon link and your first name! ;-)

Email Swipe # 2

Sharing your own personal results is VERY powerful. Use this ad once you've acheived some intial results with your Siphon website.  Just change the '68' with whatever number of subscribers you've received on one of your best days (even if it's a lot less than 68, that's fine!)...

Email Swipe # 3

This swipe is based of another email promo that is one of my best ALL TIME (for a different offer).  The open rate and clicks were insane. This again is sure to do really well for you, assuming you're sending out to people who are *alive*, hah.  Keep in mind, by the way, that you can edit these emails however you want to promote your Siphon website...


Ad Swap Resources

Note once again that you can of course use the SAME email swipes above, when doing ad swaps to promote your Siphon website. And following the ad swap resource list below, I've included a simple template letter to use for initiating ad swaps - which you can modify however needed of course...

I recommend that you swap only FREE offers (ie, the offer!), and not doing more than 2 or max 3 swaps per week to your own list. And make sure they are quality offers that your subscribers can benefit from (not junk).

Why just 2-3 days per week? It works out perfectly that way, because the other days you can reserve for PAID offers and promos of your own. I recommend running paid promos on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Your (eventual) ad swaps can run on Monday, Friday, and Saturday. Thursday's you might wanna send your OWN free offer out to your list, something personal to build a better relationship with your subscribers.

Ad Swap Request Letter

This is the version for use on Internet marketing forums, but you can adapt it for use with just about any ad swap 'venue'...

Fiverr is a website where people offer a wide variety of products and services for $5 each.  What you're interested in, of course, is exposure and traffic. So you want to search for sellers offering 'tweets' to their Twitter follows, or updates to their Facebook profile with thousands of friends, or ads placed on Facebook fan pages with thousands of fans, and similar traffic offers... What you want to make SURE to do is look at the feedback of a given Fiverr seller, before buying.  Yes, it's just $5, but I want you to make it count!  Do your best to look for *targeted* offers - even if loosely targeted - meaning those who would be interested in building a list or making money online. Follow are some Fiverr search results links with offers that might be of interest to you, but obviously you can do your own searches as well...

Fiverr Search On Keyword 'Tweet'

Fiverr Search On Keyword 'Fanpage'

Fiverr 'Social Marketing' Category

Twitter And Facebook

You may or may not be able to promote your Siphon website directly through, but you could always set up a Facebook fan page, put up some youtube videos on Internet marketing and list building, and then advertise your fan page (with Facebook Ads), which would obviously feature several ads and links to your Siphon website. You can use the banner ads that I've provided below for this purpose. You can find people on that will set up a fan page for you, for $5. Message them through to make sure you get exactly the fan page you want.  (...You can essentially tell them exactly what you want on your fan page and see if they can do it.)

For FREE options, you can participate on Facebook fan pages (or in FB groups) related to Internet marketing and making money online.  Note that I said *participate*... Meaning 'hit and run' advertising or spam of any kind is not allowed. You'll want to first CONTRIBUTE some useful information to discussions going on, and then when the time feels right, mention your Siphon website and the results you're getting...

Of course, you can post updates to your own personal Facebook wall ANY time you want, that mention your success with  Include a short juicy benefit to joining for FREE, obviously including your referral link.

On Twitter, you can follow people involved with Internet marketing or affiliate marketing, and in doing so, get a list of your OWN Twitter followers, since many people that you follow will choose to follow you right back.  You can quickly and easily create Twitter accounts with around 1,000 followers this way, at which point you can include 'tweets' about your Siphon website.

Twitter Tweets And Facebook Updates

Additional Traffic has a classified ad section where you can pretty much promote anything, for $20.  It appears just as it would a forum post and gets bumped down as other ads are listed.  So usually your ad will stay on the front page for a period of days and will bring you some good clicks with a good forum title and message body.  You can use the email swipes above for this purpose, or simply write your own testimonial for

Participate in popular Internet marketing forums. Some of them don't allow you to link directly to 'affiliate' products, and although your Siphon website is not an affiliate product, you might not be allowed to promote it directly in your signature file (which btw is a little ad that you can display at the bottom of all your forum posts automatically). So one option here is to create a free Facebook page or blog (ask your forum if they allow signature file links to FB pages and blogs), and then link to that in your signature file...   However, I do NOT recommend making useless, hasty posts just so that you can get some free traffic and exposure. Same with Facebook pages and groups. You need to contribute to the forum and take some care in doing so. Here's the thing - it doesn't pay off to make quick posts anyhow, since people only pay attention to you when you're giving them value (meaning, they won't click your signature file link if you're not doing anything for them). Above all, ASK forum mods first, if you're allowed to post a link to whatever page or site you wish to promote, BEFORE you set up your signature file... That way, you've followed due diligence and are covered no matter what.

As a free classified ads option, some people have reported impressive results with - you can have up to 5 ads running at one time (last I checked) with the free level membership.

You can ALWAYS write and submit short articles to for free traffic and clicks. Of if you've got a small budget, have somebody write articles FOR you, for $3-5 a piece.  Search the for 'article writing' and similar keywords, to find CHEAP writers that come highly recommended.

...If writing articles (or having them written), it's a no brainer to have them converted to videos that you can post to, with a service like  Of course, you could submit shorter tips and snippets of 'advice' to create UNLIMITED videos with VideoGoRound as well (you don't have to use full articles, in other words). A big KEY to YouTube marketing is to create an Internet marketing *channel* and submit videos consistently, day by day, with useful tips and advice. That way, you're building a following of channel subscribers where each NEW video will be seen by your growing subscriber base.

Banners For Your Website, Blog, Facebook Page, Etc.

You can use the ready made banners below on your website, blog, or Facebook page... OR, you can use them when buying an ad on somebody else's blog or web page. Many website owners have 'extra space' somewhere on their sites... On their thank you pages, or landing pages, or content pages, etc. So you can approach them by email and offer to pay a small one time fee (such as $10) for placing your banner somewhere on their site that is still getting consistent traffic and views - meaning it does NOT necessarily have to appear on their home page. Inside a member area or on a product download page is GREAT (and often this works well for the website owner since they've already received the order from their customer, and are more open at that point to displaying outside ads).

...You can make similar arragements with popular Facebook users and fan page owners.  Offer a few bucks to have them post your banner ad in their photos, with YOUR referral link posted in a comment below the image. Or if you have your own Facebook page, build up a few hundred fans by promoting your page through Facebook Ads (and remember that you can promote your Siphon site in the process, right ON your fanpage), and then you'll be ready to do "photo/ad swaps" with other FB users and page owners...  You post one of their banners as a photo (click here for an example), and they post one of yours - each with a link back to your respective websites posted as the 1st comment under the 'photo' (ie, banner ad).  So there's yet another totally free traffic trick for you that I've not seen ANYBODY else doing.

You'll notice one of the banners below is set up to appear as a subscriber opt in box, which is PERFECT since when clicked on, you can set it up on your website to take people directly to *your* Siphon website.  So you're able to offer a FREE website (their own Siphon website like yours), get them as a subscriber, AND get the first 5 people that *they* refer, added to your list.  FAR better than just *one* subscriber with a regular old opt-in box!

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